Why use us?

It's a good question

After all, there's a lot of 'us' out there. We could try and impress by saying something really intellectual. We could give a name to our working processes and trademark it. But that’s not what Radius is about.

The answer is much simpler.

We combine common sense with rational thought, knowledge and insight, and then we apply them creatively. Radius turns fresh and inspired ideas into effective solutions that will enable our clients to engage with their audiences. Underpinning everything we do is a commitment to delivering tangible business results.

So let's talk facts.

We're experienced

Set up over 20 years ago, Radius is a well established consultancy working with clients in the private, public and charity sectors to produce creative and well executed solutions across a wide range of communication channels.

We focus on balancing creativity with practicality, ensuring that every solution is fit for purpose and that our clients will be fully satisfied with the end results. From creative concepts and strategic thinking to implementation and technical applications, we demand of ourselves a high level of quality. Everything we do derives from a determination to understand our clients’ needs and an approach that is creative, strategic, pragmatic and logical.

We don't design for design's sake

We do it because we’re interested in connecting with audiences.

So when we talk about work that is fit for purpose, we mean it. We’re not chasing design industry accolades, we want every piece of work to have a positive impact on its target audience – brand identities that create trust and assurance, websites that are engaging and have the power to convert casual browsers into customers, packaging that stands out on shelf and leaps into shopping baskets.

Which is not to say that we haven’t won awards. We have. But they tend to be the kind of awards that say something about function and effectiveness, not just creativity.

We like to think that that says a lot about what we can offer.

We always go the
extra mile

We are well set up to provide a fast and responsive service to clients.

Our account management skills mean that we are cool under pressure and we seek positive solutions to every challenge. This is not based on a ‘let’s say yes and then panic’ approach. We know what our capabilities are and believe in making considered decisions – when we say ‘yes’ to a tight deadline it’s because we know we can and will deliver.

It makes all the difference.

We’ve worked with Radius since 2011 and enjoy a very proactive relationship. As the school has grown, so our external and internal communications have developed and Radius has ensured ongoing brand consistency – they have an excellent understanding of our needs and always add value.

Sarah Noel
Registrar, West London Free School

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