Safeway stores

The challenge

As a rostered agency for over ten years, we were regularly tasked to develop packaging for own-brand product ranges (from single lines to ranges exceeding 100 products) that would attract the attention of customers, clearly convey product benefits and compete with leading brands.


We developed each range to have a distinctive Safeway look and ensured that every solution was fresh and innovative, never opting for a 'me too' derivation of a brand equivalent. Creating standout on-shelf in order to help drive sales was always a primary objective.

The result

Consistent uplift in sales as customers perceived own-brand products to be at least equal to – if not better than – brand equivalents in terms of quality and value.

Jams - range of 8

Meat joints - range of 12

Light bulbs - range of 16

Italian (ready meals, sauces, pizzas, fresh pasta etc) - range of 100+

Oriental sauces - range of 22

Vitamins - range of 28

Premium vitamins - range of 5

Easter - range of 32

Kievs - range of 18

Halloween - range of 46

Meat pies - range of 16

Yogurts - range of 18

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